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Falls Prevention Programs
falls are not a normal part of aging - get the facts

Falls Prevention Programs in Vermont

Below are falls prevention programs in Vermont, some of which recommended by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) National Falls Prevention Resource Center. These programs have been reviewed for their efficacy and satisfy the criteria for The Older Americans Act, Title III-D support.

Bone Builders
Bone Builders is a community-based program that focuses on preventing osteoporosis through changing dietary and exercise habits. Volunteer educators lead groups of individuals in exercises designed to increase balance and strength, as well as discussions on nutrition.
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Matter of Balance
Matter of Balance (MoB) is a group-based intervention that focuses on practical strategies to increase activity levels to reduce the risk of falling. This program is targeted to individuals in community-dwellings (i.e. living in their own home, apartment, etc.), who are ambulatory and able to problem-solve.
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Otago Exercise Program
Otago is a series of exercises focused on increasing strength and balance. It is an individual-based intervention that is delivered in-home by a trained Physical Therapist, who provide assessment, coaching, and progress updates for people over the course of 6 months to 1 year.
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Tai Chi
Tai Chi focuses on increasing agility, balance, and strength through a series of movements led by a trained instructor in a community-based group setting. Based on a form of martial arts, this evidenced-based falls prevention program improves relaxation and mobility to increase health and well-being.
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